The purpose of this blog is to share my experience immigrating to Canada as a former DACA recipient via the express entry program. When I first began this process I had lots of questions, and I wasn’t finding the answers I wanted online. As a result I ended up engaging an immigration attorney. Although they were helpful, they are very expensive and not worth the $7,000+ in legal fees. I am certain that with a little bit of guidance and some basic information I would have been able to go though this process on my own. It is my hope that though sharing my experience I can give you the knowledge and confidence you need to jump into the process on your own.

I received an ITA (invitation to apply) in March 2017 and submitted an application with ITA for permanent resident (PR) status on May 30th 2017. On August 2nd our application for PR was accepted and we moved to Canada in February 2018!

What is Express Entry?

My guess is that if you are here you already know what express entry is, and are familiar with the Canadian immigration website. But just in case this is your first time looking into express entry, below is my quick summary of how this works.

Express entry is one of many ways you can emigrate to Canada. I think it is the best option for high skilled individuals who have both a college degree and some experience, among other requirements that are discussed further in “Step 1: Creating an Express Entry profile

With this program you will create a profile in which you will be award points based on your education level, work experience/work offers, age, and language ability. Your profile will then be placed in a pool with other applicants, and twice a month the top applicants will be invited to apply for permanent residence.

In the application for permanent status you will be asked to prove that everything you stated in your profile is true, you will also have to get a medical exam to prove that you are healthy.

for a more detailed description please check out the the CIC website: