Spring is here! (Finally)

If you have noticed that I haven’t been posting as often lately, it is because Spring finally here!

Below are some spring related pictures for you guys, enjoy 🙂

8 thoughts on “Spring is here! (Finally)”

  1. ha, everything looks so fun! i’m happy for you. i got my invitation, and plan on submitting that in the next month or month and a half! i have a question that you may or may not have the answer to. is it true that it’ll take 6 years from PR to citizenship? if that’s the case, that means there’s no option to visit the US at least for 6 years, correct? but, you guys can travel to most other places with the passport from your birth country?

    1. Hi Ish, congratulations on getting an ITA!!! I have good news for you, once you become a PR it only takes 3 years to become a Canadian citizen. Also, there is still the possibility of getting a tourist visa for the US as a Canadian PR. I asked the immigration consultant I used for my DACA applications and she told me we would need to get a pardon, but she thinks it should not be that hard to get. We will be going through the process soon, so I will give more details once we cross that bridge.Congrats again and best of luck! And yes, once you are here you can travel anywhere else in world 🙂

      1. whoa, that is amazing news. looking forward to hearing how the tourist visa situation goes for you.

        the more and more i hear about your life, the closer and closer i am to moving to Canada. i’m so glad everything’s worked out for you, and thanks for blazing the path and documenting your journey for the rest of us.

  2. oh, and i’m really looking into Vancouver, as i can potentially just drive up from the bay area, where i live right now. but, i also work in the utility industry, so after reading your posts about utility jobs being in Alberta, i’m still debating. we shall see!

    1. Hey! Just to clarify, Alberta is all about oil and gas, not necessarily utility companies. My husband used to work in the states for an electric utility company, so I am a little familiar with it. Do some research, but I think if you want to stay in the utilities industry Alberta may not necessarily offer you more opportunities than Vancouver.


      1. ah, thanks for the clarification, D! that helps a lot! Vancouver’s back on the menu. Now, it’s all about saving up!

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