Did you know that dinosaurs once roamed Canada? Last weekend we visited Dinosaur Provincial Park, located about 3 hours east of Calgary. It is one of the most dinosaur fossil rich areas in the world, 58 species of dinosaurs have been discovered here, including the Albertosaurus!




4 thoughts on “Albertosaurus”

  1. Hi! How are you doing? Do you have a move date yet? I remember you got your invitation a few months back.

  2. I am so happy that things worked out great over that side..I got my PR too and will land within next month. I have couple of questions :
    1. What did you guys do with your phone number or phone ?
    2. How did you guys get to your AirBnb from Airport ? Through uber , taxi or rental ?
    3. How did you get around Calgary to find apartments. I would say public transit .isn’t ?

    Thanks for keeping us updated !!!!

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