Travelling to the US after moving to Canada as a former DACA recepient

I have been wanting to write this post for a very long time, as I know this question weights heavy on a lot of your minds. It has taken this long because I first needed to go though the long and slow bureaucratic process myself before I could write about it. Well, the jury is in… I will start from the beginning. Continue reading “Travelling to the US after moving to Canada as a former DACA recepient”

Moving your money from the US to Canada

I promised this post a while ago, back when we still had no idea how we would move our money from the US to Canada. To be honest, I was not as involved on the this front. The move had so many moving pieces, and there was so much for us to figure out that we took a divide and conquer approach with some things, and transferring our money mostly fell on my husband. That being the case, I figured it would be best if he wrote this post for you, which he did because he is a pumpkin. I hope you guys find it useful! Continue reading “Moving your money from the US to Canada”

Before Moving Checklist

Hi there!

I have been receiving emails from some of you who have already, or are very close to pulling the trigger! Thank you so much for sharing your stories and questions. It’s really encouraging to know that I am not sending my blogs off to outer space. So this blog post is for those of you who are a little further along on your journey and have already been approved for Permanent Residence. Continue reading “Before Moving Checklist”